The following yarns have been requested and are in production.

    • 19/12/15: From the back of the family car, Joslin nominated Cows + Fairy Door + Bunnies.
    • Dom at the Noted Publishing Fair requested requested 10,000 piece puzzle + Susan Boyle + water tank
    • Anonymous requested at the Noted Publishing Fair for Nazi skeleton + cat + wind
    • Cameron at the Noted Publishing Fair requested beef jerky + Northbourne Ave + A house of cards
    • Lila at the Noted Publishing Fair requested bush + lasagna + Garfield
    • David at the Noted Publishing Fair requested Aarvark + Ninja + Quantum Physics
    • Leila at the Noted Publishing Fair requested football team + wall + rubbish bin
    • Holly at the Noted Publishing Fair requested ‘goon’ bag + broken window + neon sign
    • Vena requested at the Noted Publishing Fair ‘froyo’ + cable tie + a single shoelace
    • C Nolan requested at the Noted Publishing Fair A man with seven toes + a pet slator + Lake Tuggers
    • Elise requested at the Noted Publishing Fair chocolate pudding + A high rise apartment cat + top hat
    • Bec, a former Wellingtonian, gave me many items to inspire me for my upcoming trip to New Zealand, where I hope to write a yarn set in another capital:Mountain biking at Makara Peak + driving through roads no wider than your car + watching a performance of Bell’s Shakespeare at the Botanic gardens + a trip on the cable car + the best cafe scene of any place I’ve been to.
    • David at Suitcase Rummage gave me, in person: Chocolate Milkshake + Paddle and Ball + Art Not Apart Sticker

Contact me to lodge your request for your own yarn set in Canberra!


3 thoughts on “Weaving-in-Progress

  1. Hi Sean,

    Just read your yarn that Joslin gave me as part of her Christmas Present to me.

    Fantastic work.

    Have a great Christmas and enjoy Tassie.


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