Twoboo Episode 2

Death rituals and burial

In episode two, we revisit the theme of our very first show in 1999 – death rituals and burials – with Rebecca Lyons. Bec is a Churchill fellow, End of life Doula, good-death advocate and educator. Bec is passionate about breaking down any taboo concerning death, and shares with us her incredible research on how Western society can learn more about reconnecting body preparation with death rituals and natural burial options. Her research can lead to not only more affordable funerals, but better ways of grieving and dealing with bereavement. 

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Rebecca’s Churchill Fellowship

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The material referenced by Bec included:

You n’ Taboo –

Australian Home Funerals Alliance

Dying to know Day

Kerrie Noonan’s work

Tender funerals

Natural Death Advocacy Network

Professor Sandra Van Der Laan’s ‘It’s Your Funeral’ report

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