The Picture

An audio podcast version of this yarn is also available.  David at the Noted Publishing Fair requested: Aardvark + Ninja + Quantum Physics Patient: “Michael” (surname unknown) Diagnosis: Schizophrenia Symptoms: Delusions, Hallucinations Duration: Likely for many years, but at least six months prior to examination, based on physical condition Appeared: Thin, although not malnourished. He presented wearing little. The clothes he had

Canberrans Say Welcome (with audio)

Via Facebook, Matt nominated three intriguing items. Inspired by Refugee Week, the Real Australians Say Welcome campaign and Canberra’s status as an official Refugee Welcome Zone, I came up with the following. Pialligo Bacon + M16 Gallery + Selfie Stick.  Podcast Version Text Version Christian sat on the rubble of what remained of his house, and wondered what to do next. The wolves

How I Met Your Grandfather

@supergran41 requested a few items from Canberra’s past plus one that is essentially timeless. These three brought back recent and longer term memories for me… Starlight Drive in at Watson + 70s Valiant + Car Load of Kids The lights went off just as Jill put the stir fry on the stovetop. It took her a second to take in