Zines and Ebooks

Single story Capital Yarns are now available in ebook and zine (mini-magazine) format!

Ebook stories are available for your kindle device from Amazon.

Profits from sales of the printed zines go to local charities.

The first charity was  Northside Community Service, and with the support of Capital Yarns readers purchasing zines we raised $200 for the the Pet Assistance and Wellbeing Service (PAWS). PAWS matches awesome volunteers with Elderly people and their furry companions. Sometimes as people age, it gets harder to take care of pets, and so to try and keep these ‘families’ together, NCS help out with visits to the vet, walking, food, respite if the owner is in hospital etc. There is more information on the program at http://northside.asn.au/?service=paws-pet-assistance-and-wellbeing-service.

The current charity is Companion House, a non government community based organisation that works with adults and children who have sought safety in Australia from persecution, torture and war related trauma.  See http://www.companionhouse.org.au/about-us/ for more details.

The zines are available from Muse at East HotelNational of Australia bookshop, Handmade Shop in the City, Harry Hartog Woden and in the Canberra zine machine in New Acton from next month.

You can also purchase the zines directly from my website at a cost of $3.00 (to cover postage) here.

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