Rebonding Week One: Lost in Generation

We’ve had a great first week of rebonding, full of bike rides, karaoke and hot weather.

The girls played a big part in the first podcast of the year, and I hope will help out further in future episodes. Our efforts to improve sound quality across three microphones resulted in a new invention – A Microcan. Or perhaps a Waterphone. Whatever it is called, my wife Melanie deserves credit for spotting that a watering can makes a great microphone holder. We’ll likely use it in future podcasts, at least until the garden needs watering.

Not that it was all smooth rhythms and footpaths. My youngest challenged me to some fairly challenging songs on Singstar – not just vocally, but in their lyrics and music video clips. She was unabashed, and later in the day started discussing how she didn’t like her hairy legs and wanted to shave them. Where did that come from? I’m already struggling between the cool dad on one shoulder and the freaking out disciplinarian on the other. I’ve just got to figure out which one is the devil and the angel.

With their votes in Triple J’s Hottest 100, the girls also proved how old I am (and how young and hip they are), knowing far more songs. The change of date controversy did allow us to have some pretty sophisticated conversations about the date of Australia Day. And my wife coined a new expression as we debated our various experiences: ‘Lost in Generation’. A phenomenon that occurs when two people of different ages find they don’t understand each other due to different histories and experiences. With Singstar choices and leg shaving already topics of discussion, I think I might be experiencing a fair bit of lost in generation in the weeks and months to come.

Despite my youngest protestations that the various ‘back to school’ marketing material was unfair, as she wasn’t ready to go back to school, we dived in to some new school uniforms this week.

So, with the holidays nearly over, we all prepare for new routines and the big adventure of days with dad squared (pickups and drop-offs).

We’re busily planning after-school activities, trying to find the right balance between homework, post-school boredom and complete over-stimulation with every minute spent doing something. Would love to hear from other parents about you strike that balance (and what per KM rate the parental taxi should charge)?

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