Noir (including audio)

Jess at the Noted Publishing Fair requested (definitely adults only) 12 Magpies + Crime + Deakin Podcast version Text Version ‘I think he’s a spy, boss.’ With those words, Matt felt his heart sink. Trying to restrain his emotion, caused partially by the gruesome scene before him, and the news Jules had just delivered, he spoke the first words that

Freakshakes (including audio)

Via facebook, my Edinburgh flatmate and fellow Saints fan, Sharife requested: Milkshakes by Kelis + Edinburgh Trams + St Kilda Podcast Version Text Version Sally took her wine glass from the damp cloth atop the bar, wiping the bottom of the glass with a nearby napkin as she walked towards her usual seat. The dank smell of stale beer was still in

Canberrans Say Welcome (with audio)

Via Facebook, Matt nominated three intriguing items. Inspired by Refugee Week, the Real Australians Say Welcome campaign and Canberra’s status as an official Refugee Welcome Zone, I came up with the following. Pialligo Bacon + M16 Gallery + Selfie Stick.  Podcast Version Text Version Christian sat on the rubble of what remained of his house, and wondered what to do next. The wolves

Togranong (with audio)

Via Facebook, Mel B requested three items that hint at a yarn about modern (or near modern) life in Canberra’s south. These are certainly items that evoke memories of my youth in Tuggeranong. But I couldn’t resist taking a slightly different tack: Horse Agistment Paddocks + Skates Alive (Erindale) + Kingsley’s Chicken Podcast Version Text Version At first I was