Stories from you: How would you describe Canberra?

At my Suitcase Rummage stall in May 2016, I invited visitors to tell me how they would describe Canberra as a character in a book. I had some incredible responses, which really gave me some food for thought for future stories. I tried to encourage entries with a mocked up Canberra doll on hand, complete with local teams colours. Interestingly, Canberra seemed to be described in equal measure male and female.

Virginia won a free book with her entry:

Canberra is like the younger brother, who is a bit shy but secretly creative.

I hadn’t never found myself thinking of Canberra that way, but I suppose we are often the quiet little brother at the Australian family dinner table, fleetingly displaying our true creative flair.

However, there were some other amazing entries.

Shyness was a typical attribute, with Tabitha suggesting a literary Canberra would be:

an introverted friend that enjoys coffee and art galleries.

Shane thought Canberra would be:

a shy teenager with overbearing parents giving him a bad reputation.

Ash described:

a socially aware man with man-bun and beard, who loves his coffee and doesn’t how to head-check.

Similarly, Oliver thought our Canberra would be:

a cultural, artsy being that encompasses life from all over the nation.

Rach suggested Canberra is like a classic spy character:

a bland guy on the outside, but full of intrigue!

Maxx also thought Canberra would be:

cold, but full of warmth.

Ayu suggested Canberra would like:

wholesome fun, and she would enjoy good convo over warm drinks.

Recent arrival Kathleen noted that Canberra is:

full of roundabouts, but each turn leads somewhere new and interesting.

Sharon had Canberra as a cheeky child:

a puddle jumping, sunny, wondrous itty bit of a thing.

Dean decided that Canberra is:

fun, frosty and cultural demeanor meant he or she would have to be frosty the snowman.

Finally, Isabelle saw our city as:

the quirky cousin at a family dinner.

Thanks everyone for your entries, and for coming to say hello at Suitcase Rummage.

1 thought on “Stories from you: How would you describe Canberra?”

  1. This is a lovely description

    “Sharon had Canberra as a cheeky child:

    “a puddle jumping, sunny, wondrous itty bit of a thing.””

    It’s the Canberra you are only aware of if you live here. Thank you Sharon.

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