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You can now listen to my yarns in podcast form, read magnificently by good friend, Peter Heweston, my wife Melanie Skinner, me, my kids and a range of other friends and family.

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Podcast #30: ANZAC Day (Re-release)

Podcast #29: The Story My Kids Love Most

This short story is the one my kids love most, titled the ‘Brumbies and the Unicorns’. It features:

  • Nurse
  • Mountains
  • Unicorn


Podcast #28: If the Mountain Won’t Come to the Fairies (Part 2)

Podcast #27: If the Mountain Won’t Come to the Fairies (Part 1)

To celebrate my leave to re-bond with my kids, all 2018 Capital Yarns stories will be suitable for the whole family. This one was inspired nominated by my daughter:

  • Mt Stromlo (in Weston Creek, Canberra)
  • Fairies
  • Guinea Pigs

Suitable for children and adults (5+).

Thanks to my daughters for helping me produce this story. I look forward to working with them further on the podcast this year.

Tune in next week for Part 2.

Podcast #26: A Susan Boyle Christmas Carol

A special Canberra Christmas story, inspired by a Susan Boyle CD, Water Tank and a 10,000 piece puzzle.

Suitable for older children and adults (10+).


Podcast #25: Blood

An adults-only yarn for Halloween, exploring the terrifying research taking place in Canberra.

Podcast #24: She

You never know who could be competing in a Canberra Roller Derby League bout.

This podcast story is about the amazing roller derby competitors, inspired by the Canberra Roller Derby League, Castle Playground & the Great Australian Ice Creamery. Explicit Language Warning. 

Podcast #23: Father’s Day Special: Don’t Judge

A Fathers’ Day Special featuring 3 items requested by my youngest daughter and including the whole family.

Podcast #22: Hey Sister

A special cross-capital yarn, inspired by a recent trip to Wellington and items nominated by Bec, who grew up in Wellington and now lives in Canberra:

Podcast #21: The Brumbies and the Unicorns

A warm story set in the cold mountains around Canberra. My family’s favourite story.

Podcast #20: Elijah’s Drum

A new story, released to celebrate Mothers’ Day, about the magic of music and family.

Podcast #19: Easter Marathon

A tale inspired by Canberrans’ regular Easter travel to the NSW south coast. Which egg-delivering floppy will win the annual marathon: Hairy Hare, Petri Rabbit or local boy, Walter Bilby. A perfect story for the kids during the long drive to the coast.


Podcast #18: A Rallying Call

To celebrate Canberra Day, here is a yarn about one man’s obsession to bring back Canberra’s infamous Birdman Rally

Birdman photo Courtesy ACT Heritage Library, Canberra Times Collection, Photographer Peter Wells. See

Podcast #17: Decoding the Opposite Sex

– recorded live in front of an audience at the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Podcast #16: The Picture

Suitable for the whole family

Podcast #15: Christmas Family Special

Suitable for the whole family

Podcast #14: Adults Only Halloween Special – Identity Theft

Warning: contains explicit language, violence and adult themes. Not suitable for children

Podcast #13 – Noir

Contains explicit language, violence and adult themes.

Podcast #12 – Ode to Manuka


Podcast #11 – The Blackest of Truffles

Suitable for the family

Podcast #9 – Sacrifice

Suitable for the family

Podcast #8 – Beware of Hairy Canberrans

Some mild language.

Podcast #7 – Togorang

Suitable for the family

Podcast #6 – The Eyes Have It

Explicit Language


Podcast #5 – Freakshakes

Explicit Language

Podcast #4 – Canberrans Say Welcome

Suitable for the family

Podcast #3 – The Sexpert

For Adults Only 

Podcast #2: Voice in the Mist

Podcast #1: Introduction

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