Hashtag #CBR

@jamiewilson_ requested some of his favourite Canberra things for his yarn: BBQ Lennox Gardens + Hanging out Kingston Foreshore + the Precincts & Pockets of #CBR Traci slowly opened her eyes. The sunshine streaming through the partially opened curtains had been bugging her for a while; causing a red glow to the darkness behind her eyes. She had been conscious

Ishmael’s Tail

@handmademarket,an iconic Canberra attraction, requested a story featuring three other iconic Canberra items: The Skywhale Balloon+the Weather+Parliament House ‘Call me Ishmael,’ Isobel giggled, as she walked away from Rachel. The two friends had been browsing the Handmade Markets for an hour. Well, Rachel had been browsing. Isobel had been glued to her phone most of the time. ‘We’re not going

Beware of Hairy Canberrans

A good Facebook friend requested a Canberra story with a Deck of Cards+Mt Ainslie+that infamous Canberra animal…the Drop Bear. George and Sally had just finished their ghost tour, with the slightly-unusual, but very entertaining Canberran named Tim; Tim the Yowie Man to be exact. Despite his unusual name, the tour had been fantastic. They were both still shaken up by