The Picture

An audio podcast version of this yarn is also available.  David at the Noted Publishing Fair requested: Aardvark + Ninja + Quantum Physics Patient: “Michael” (surname unknown) Diagnosis: Schizophrenia Symptoms: Delusions, Hallucinations Duration: Likely for many years, but at least six months prior to examination, based on physical condition Appeared: Thin, although not malnourished. He presented wearing little. The clothes he had

A Wise Kangaroo?

Vena at the Noted Publishing Fair requested: Roundabout + Watering Hole + Kangaroo Joey Jumbuck stared out the window, longing to be out exploring the world. To be jumping among the gums, and searching out new watering holes, gum nuts and other experiences. ‘Joey?’ Joey looked up and realised his teacher, Wilma Wombat, was speaking to him. The whole class had turned

The True and Unbiased, Totally Objective and Accurate Record of the Life of Jeremy McGuire

Via Facebook, Ang nominated three things that took me straight back to college…so natually, there is going to be some explicit language in this one… Guitar + Lake Tuggeranong + a Cranky Magpie 20 December 2016 Mrs Davis said it would be a good idea to keep a journal, at least over the summer, and maybe continue when I start in

A Canberra Christmas Carol

Via Facebook, Karin nominated three items that resulted in a special Christmas story for small and big kids alike: 3 red roses + 1 womble + a glass of Mount Majura Pinot Noir. You can also purchase a printed copy of this yarn as a special Christmas Zine. 3 Red Roses + Mount Majura Pinot Noir + Womble ‘Twas twelve nights before Christmas,