A Susan Boyle Christmas Carol (audio only)

This month’s Capital Yarns podcast is a special Canberra Christmas story, inspired by a Susan Boyle CD, Water Tank and a 10,000 piece puzzle. Suitable for older children and adults (10+). Special mention of the many wonderful organisations helping those less fortunate this Christmas including: Smith Family Vinnies Canberra City UCA Communities @ Work Merry Christmas everyone! You can still

Hey Sister (audio only)

This month’s podcast is a special cross-capital yarn, inspired by a recent trip to New Zealand, and several items nominated by Bec, who grew up in Wellington and now lives in Canberra: Mountain biking at Makara Peak + driving through roads no wider than your car + watching a performance of Bell’s Shakespeare at the Botanic gardens + a trip on the

Noir (including audio)

Jess at the Noted Publishing Fair requested (definitely adults only) 12 Magpies + Crime + Deakin Podcast version Text Version ‘I think he’s a spy, boss.’ With those words, Matt felt his heart sink. Trying to restrain his emotion, caused partially by the gruesome scene before him, and the news Jules had just delivered, he spoke the first words that