Why Capital Yarns? (A Blog Hop)

I was recently ‘blog hopped‘ by my Humanbrochure friend Michelle to continue a ‘Blog Hop’ bean by Josefa from Always Josefa, who began the theme: ‘Why Do I Write’? So, in Capital Yarns style, I broke this down into three items and got cracking. To be precise, the four questions to be answered on this blog hop are: How does your writing differ from others in your genre? What is your writing process? Why do you write? What am I working on?
I think I’ve answered them bring together the items:

Originality + Writing Motivation + Process


Sean, the luckiest daddy of all,

Has two girls, each of them tall.

Perfect, except in one way.

They refused to sleep;

And, would frequently bleat;

Until daddy answered their story mayday.


Well, at last the dad ran out of books;

And his girls gave him the strangest of looks.

Sean thought he was fresh out of luck;

Till one day, Fine, said he;

It can’t just be me;

Put up three items or shut up.


So nightly, the girls would give him three things;

Be it beasts, pets or fairies’ wings.

One tale to lie down their sweet heads;

Close their eyes,

Cease their cries;

Again daddy had them asleep in their beds.


Well, the daddy decided one day to expand;

And, offer this sleep inducing service through the land.

To computer and social media went he;

Calling for stuff,

No matter how rough;

As long as the requests all came in three.


The idea, while a unique pun;

Needed one more twist to be fun.

So the tales all had one thing the same.

While the writing was joint,

And often straight to the point,

All yarns increased our dear Canberra’s fame.


Sean loved this style of tales,

As it ensued he must write without fail.

Such joint writing also hid his poor wit.

No matter how bad the prose;

Or a plot on the nose;

At least someone, somewhere, might like it.


Till at last Michelle blog hopped him;

Leading to this prose, so decidedly grim.

It is clear now our Sean is no poet.

Poor Josefa must regret;

Ever beginning this bet;

For bloggers to continue these sonnets.


Thankfully this junk is nearly at end,

And it’s time for Sean to hop to a new friend;

Josefa’s mandate is so very clear.

Serina, parentally over to you,

And sportingly, Edward you too,

You’ll do better than I, have no fear.


Of course, to this very day;

Sean continues to write in this way,

His latest requests include many things.

Like derbies on skates,

Chicken, pigs and the Lake,

But he still tells his girls stories ‘bout wings.

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